Days keep changing, keep on changing is more than simply a lyric in one of our songs, it is the current state of us in Edward + Jane.

 This is about to be a summer full of changing and leaping for Edward + Jane, for it has become ever so clear that it is time to take a leap of faith. Time to jump right into the band and not look back.

 Throughout the summer we are going to try to tour the hell out of anywhere and everywhere. From Cincinnati to Nashville, to Canada, Maine, and many places in between, each show this summer during our Living Room Tour will be something you won’t want to miss. Lately,  it has grown evident that it is time to push ourselves harder and reach farther than we have in the past. Our nerves are on high alert as we begin to recognize that there is high risk involved with full time touring, however we are excited to chase our dreams, and to have you join us along our journey.  

 If you have ever been to an Edward + Jane concert, you know that we put an influence on growing our family by meeting new people on the road and sharing memories with one another. May that be talking to someone after the show, going out to eat with new friends, or crashing on your couch, our family is what drives us, and it is time for us to meet new friends and create new family memories. That is what this summer is all about for us. We want to meet new people, play music, and most importantly we want to grow our family, the Edward + Jane Family.

 It will not be easy by any means, but it will be worth it. On the road this summer you may see the band in many different arrangements depending on where and when you see us. Sometimes it will just be the duo, Timothy and Emilie (Edward and Jane), while other times it will be a full band, or a variation of the two. No matter how we make it to your city, we look forward to meeting you and playing music in your living room, backyard or wherever you want. We just want to make music happen and create family and friends through music.

 Not only are we touring all summer, but we are also gearing up to record again later this year. In  addition to a whole lot of touring, it’s time for us to buckle down and write. We want to put our hearts in every song that we write, being intentional in everything we do. We look forward to sharing new music with each of you who have supported us throughout the years.

 The funny thing about the world is that it never tends to stand still. It is always changing and progressing. That being said, there are a couple constants that we at Edward + Jane hang our hats upon... Family is forever. So is music.