Chattanooga based, "Americana Family Band" Edward + Jane, comprised of Timothy “Edward” Carpenter (guitar), Emilie “Jane” Creutzinger (mandolin), as well as their family of bandmates are already winning fans with their honest lyrics and soulful music. With every great passion comes a purpose, and it seems Edward + Jane have found theirs. They aim to not only make an impact sonically, but to inspire and connect their audiences in a way that only music can.

“We love to create and to sing: It brings us closer to each other,” said Edward. "We Hope to make music that touches people and makes them think, and maybe in the process they can grow closer to what they love as well.”

 Drawing from influences such as The Head and The Heart, the lone bellow, and The Civil Wars, Edward + Jane provide a high energy, heart-felt approach to music, both live and recorded. Whether they’re playing an up-tempo crowd pleaser or a soft, introspective song, Edward + Jane aim to share their stories and passions in hopes that listeners will feel empowered to do the same.